Essential skills required in Bank Jobs

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Published: 25th November 2010
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Rising requirements in the Banking sector is creating more Bank vacancies with more people Retiring and Banks Involving in activities like mutual funds, credit cards, securitization business, consumer and housing loans and trading in gold and Forex activities, More Opportunities for Bank jobs in India are expected to arrive In Bank exams 2011 and onwards.

Banking is one of the most important career choices for students because of its high status career, Good Salaries and security. Though it may appear at first that Bank jobs are meant only for commerce or economics students but the real fact is that majority of bank officers are from different streams of education like Arts, Science and others Because working in a bank requires a handful of qualities like time and resource management, Managing wide personnel and huge record books Etc.

A good banker is supposed to have Good communication skills (verbal and written) that are needed in effective interaction with the clients as well as the staff. In fact good communication skills has become an important aspect in most of the Job arenas today But in Banks itís a matter of Centralized Importance and is a matter basic underline importance for a candidate who wishes to get entry into any of the private or public sector banks of the country. Those joining as Bank PO (Probationary Officers) are asked to follow the guidelines and do assignments given to them by their senior managers In the probation period that lasts about 2-3 years and the bank reserves the right to eliminate an officer if found unsuitable for the job.

The all round demands for professionals in banking has made banks (Public Sector, Foreign and Multinational ) to recruit more and more Freshers, MBAs, CAs and CFAs to enhance efficiency and meet the rising requirements of todayís working arena.. Bright graduates from any stream have full chances of getting into the Public sector Banks through an All India Examination conducted themselves by banks. With new technology-driven new private banks emerging and entry of Financial Institutions in short-term lending business, the requirement of more professionals has arisen.

Public sector Banks recruit mainly graduates for posts of Clerical and Probationary Officer on the basis of All India Level examination. Working professionals like engineers, doctors, technologists, lawyers, ex-defense etc. are recruited on senior positions. Graduates with commerce or economics are preferred but any one from any stream can enter here by qualifying the exams conducted by banks.

Apart from academic background, banks generally look for good communication skills, good interpersonal interaction skills, and the ability to deal with customers, an alert nature, and basic knowledge of the industry.

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