How to Prepare for CAT Exam?

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Published: 11th January 2011
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CAT (Common admission Test) is conducted by IIMs for the management program. CAT is said to be the toughest of all the competitive exams in the Country because of high degree of Competition in CAT to get into the management courses of prestigious Indian Institutes of Management. Also most of the B-school in India nowadays has adopted this test and they use CAT scores of candidates as eligibility criteria for further Admission process.

The first thing to keep mind about CAT is that they are seeking candidates with good conceptualized knowledge, analytical skills and decision making capabilities.

Cat is not an easy entrance test due to very high competition. And Smart work rather that hard Work is needed to get Through Cat exam. Some step wise smart techniques For Preparing correctly for cat are discussed here.

Firstly, The Candidate must gather Information CAT, such as when the exam is to be held so that he/she comes to know how much time is left for CAT preparation. Then the composition of the Exam paper should be worked out such as what are the components in the paper Usually the CAT exam paper includes questions about quantitative ability, data interpretation, data sufficiency, logical reasoning, reading comprehension and verbal ability. The duration of test is 2.5 hours.

Nest, the candidate should Work out its strengths/Weaknesses so that he/she can decide what and how much to prepare. The strengths should be worked out more and the weaknesses have to be prepared more to get through that section in the exam. There is no need to be nervous after knowing your weaknesses. Just try to get as much information you can to make this weakness to strength. Think every time that you can do it.

Next step is to organize your studies an appropriate time table that gives enough time to study and rest also as its more important than anything else to keep your Body and mind inn good state. So create a time table the suites Your physical and, mental Terms.

Donít ignore your mistakes and evaluate your performance in your Weak areas regularly. Itís very important and ignorance can is very harmful.

The candidate needs to prepare For GD and Interview as well to Crack CAT. Do prepare for them and keep working out on the important topics for GD and Important Interview Questions.

The above points present the framework for a structured CAT Preparation and if done properly with right concept and positive Faith in mind, Cat is easy to Crack like any other Exam.

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