Qualities Required in an IAS Officer

Published: 04th February 2011
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IAS Exam (Civil service exam) is considered to be the toughest Exam of the country and rightly so because of the High degree of satisfaction, Respect and Comfort provided by the Prestigious Civil services of The Country. Lakhs of students Compete every year in this Exam to get Into Prestigious Civil services of the Country.

Civil Services require a set of Qualities in the Person so that he can manage the Complexities, Unpredictable Situations and Problems hat may arise in the Civil Services at a regular Daily basis. Thus the recruiters are searching for these Qualities in Aspirants and they are experts in doing it. The can see those Qualities insides the person that decides that in future he will be able to accomplish His Duties or Not. There Job is to fit the Right Man into the Right Job and they are experts in doing it.

A civil service aspirant Needs to be Diplomatic enough to handle the situations that may arise in daily basis and he should be able persuade others over his view to stabilize the situation and settle the Agreement between the parties.

Additionally, A civil service Aspirant needs to be Decisive in Approach as Quick decisions are Something needed on A Regular Basis In Civil Services. Also, a civil Service Aspirant needs to Pursue Bit of Intelligence Quotient also that Allows Him to Understand Complex Situations and Helps Him Analyze Weather an Agreement Will Be beneficial Or Not.

Thus Civil Services require A set Of Much needed Qualities In an Aspirant that the Recruiters are Able to see Even If the Aspirant Might Not Know It. So the Student Must try Honestly but must not waste Numerous years on the same as the suitable personality can be assessed in an attempt or two but not In seven-eight or more years that are Very important to be spent in the Right direction for every student.

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